Types of Ongoing Arrangements

Annex – Types of Maintenance Arrangements

Getting your site up and running is only the first part of the story. You will need to keep it running and you will need to modify and improve it as your business improves. There are a number of changes that you need to ready for. You will have to decide the degree to which you want us to help you after your site has been prepared.

There are a number of tasks that may need to be done:

  • Pay for the rental of the Domain Name

The non-profit organization that maintains the names of domains charges a very nominal fee for this service. Still if you forget to pay this fee, they will delist your web site and your clients will not be able to reach your site. It is also possible that an unscrupulous competitor may grab your site name and lock you out. Forgetting to pay this fee is an important but minor service.

  • Updating code

The architects of the major internet browsers make an effort to insure that the latest version of their browsers can still function with older sites. However, it is unavoidable that updates to your site will be necessary from time to time to insure that site continues to run for all clients. Typically, the updates are done with very little effort.

  • transitory information

Many clients will expect an internet site to have up to date detailed information about your services. For example, if you operate a restaurant, errors in the hours that you are open during special holidays may cause considerable irritation to clients that may have relied on you. Ideally, your web site should be constructed in such a fashion that the transitory information can be updated with very little technical skill.

  • Backups

You need to maintain your web site in a format that can easily moved to another site. There is always the possibility that the service which maintains site may go bankrupt, and change will become a necessity.

  • Site Improvements

Your product line will evolve with the market. Your web site will be to reflect this. This may involve major structural changes in your web site with a restricting of the menu structure.

What are the options?

As we see it, there are three types of ongoing arrangements possible:

  • Cold Stop

Hermesnslave will turn over all computer code and passwords at the end of the project. After a certain period all questions and support will be at the going rates.

  • Partial Handoff

The web site will be setup so that transitory information can be easily edited by the client, provided the protocols are followed. Hermesnslave would take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the for $200 per year. Any major improvements would be made on at standard rates.

  • Total Maintenance

Hermesnslave would undertake to support the web site for a charge of $400 per year, with one revision to transitory information per month. Any major improvements would be at the standard rates