Our Commitment to Privacy

We know that one of the possible reasons that you are drawn to our services may be your concerns about your personal privacy.  We are better able to meet your needs in this area as we are not a large impersonal firm but individuals committed to the lifestyle.  Many of our friends are in situations similar to yours, where they want to become known but still want to be private with respect to the public at large.  In order to facilitate this we offer:

  • A guarantee in our contract which limits the number of people who will see your personal information.  Just the fact that we live in a small city in Canada reduces the possibility that we will know someone that you know.
  • We can add features to your website that make it more difficult for individuals to steal your pictures.  Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give you a 100 percent guarantee.
  • We can blur your facial features for your photos.
  • We can add your trademark symbol.
  • A contact page will be added that protects your email address.
  • Your personal data will be kept on a secure USB key that will be separate from computer that is attached to the Internet.

However, we realize that there may be others who will want to be known and have these features turned off.