Hermesnslave photographic services

There are many good photographers available and Hermesnslave does not seek to compete directly with them.  However, in some cases it makes sense that we provide services ourselves.  For the sake of the web sites that we intend to support, we can photograph the items that you would like to place on sell and load them into our site.  That way, we will be sure that the sizing of the photos makes sense for the web site that we are preparing.  Also given our awareness of the lifestyle, we can help suggest poses for shots and we are comfortable with intimate photography. We are also able to provide extensive Photoshop support for your existing photos.

Photos Social Networks

One product line that we stumbled into is the preparation of small packets of photos for social networks, in particular sensual ones. For a small amount of money, as low as $20, we will supply enough photos to provide a reasonable alternative pictures in bathroom mirrors with cell phones.