Web Services

We built this web site.  We are able to offer basic web services to aspiring professional Dommes, Doms or small events.  Our inspiration came from the stories that we heard in the lifestyle of the difficulties and the excessive costs encountered by those trying to make their way in the lifestyle.  Essentially, the cost structures are based on web development techniques of 10 or 15 years ago.  So much has changed, yet they are unwilling or unable to pass on the savings.

For $500 plus the local taxes we will provide you with safe, secure and discrete web site.  The prices would include an initial consultation plus the hosting charges for your web site for the first three years.  The web site would be similar to the Lance Hermes pro dom section of this site.  Essential it would include and introductory page, some sub pages of details, a page to your favorite links, a gallery of your pics and a page so that they could contact you at a private email address. If you want to have an idea as to what the site might look like, there is a sample site that will give you an idea what you would get for this price.

At the end of the process, you will have a web site with password so that you can edit yourself.  If you want, the web site will be registered in your legal name, otherwise we can manage that for you.  Additional changes can be undertaken by us for a charge of $50 per hour.  We would pay for your web hosting costs for the first three years.  After that you would be responsible for your site.

How would this work?  After a brief initial discussion, we would invoice you for your $200.  We would then send you a questionaire where you would describe what should go on each page.  If you do not know, we will fill in the blanks the best we can.  We would prepare a sample site on our domain.  If you are happy and think that we are on the same wavelength, we would invoice you for the final $300 and set up your own private domain.  We would do all of your edits.  When the site is final, we would send you your password and you would be setup.

Additional services might include photo editing of digital pictures, or pages beyond the basic model described above.  Although we do not specialize in photography, we can supply photographic services to local clients where practical for $50 an hour.