Lance Hermes Top 10 BDSM Fiction

A lot of people make fun of this kind of list with just cause.  It can be a mistake to take these too literally.  Still it can be helpful wait to at least get a start in the vast BDSM literature, so here is my top ten BDSM related fiction.  It is only my opinion, but it still tells you a bit about us.

  1. I Once Had a Master by John Preston – There are many reasons to love this book.  One feature that stands out is its realism.  The story could be the story of many bottoms who once had something very special early in life but let it go.  I have met several older men on the scene for which this book rings true.
  2. The Trainer by Laura Antonio – For me this amazing book is at the core of the Marketplace series.  However, if you are looking for something hot and sexy, this will not be for you.  This book is an exploration of Dominance and submission in their purest forms.
  3. The Real Thing by Willian Carney (no link available) – This book written in 1968 gives credence to a lot of what many people consider myths about the Old Guard.  In this book, an elder mentors a recent entrant into the world of gay SM.  In this complex world, there is a well established hierarchy with rigid codes of behavior.  The fact that such a book could be written without the support of the Internet and other readily available literature speaks volumes.
  4. Leather Blues by Jack Fritscher – Turns all that on its head.  This book written in 1969 shows a social order in a state of hedonistic anarchy.  It is also one of the few pieces of BDSM literature to admit a drug sub-culture on the scene, although the LSD party at the end stretches credibility.  Another myth buster is a fairly high level of technical sophistication back in a day when a paddle was supposed to considered advanced equipment.
  5. The Slave Journals by Thom Magister – A series of short stories that progress through time from the early 1950s to the eve of AIDs epidemic.  The stories also alternate between New York based and California based.  This book more or less unifies the views in the third and fourth books above with a vision of a mysterious BDSM society, the Centurions, and the chaos of the leather bar scene.
  6. The Ties that Bind by Vanesa Duries – This is a poor quality translation from French.  Even so, what we have in English is a very major piece of work portraying a young woman´s descent into degradation.  If you read French and can find the french version, it is worth it.
  7. The MarketPlace by Laura Antonio – This novel introduces the wonderful Marketplace series.  It also stands up on its own without the others.  In contrast to the Trainer, this book is really hot in places.
  8. of men, ropes and remembrance by Larry Townsend – This collection of semi-true short stories is more rough sex than BDSM as we understand it now in the age of safe words.
  9. Venus in Furs by masoch – Shows the discovery of kink at a time when it was unknown and forbidden.
  10. Entertainment for a Master by John Preston – This is a highly original novel about the organization of a party.  The party organizer plays the role of the ultimate Master with many people all directly or indirectly serving is will.

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