Books as a couple

As a couple, we have discussed these books and they have influenced the course of our relationship.  For both of us the Story of O by Pauline Reage was hugely influential.  However, as a couple who wanted to stay together, we did not want princess to end up like O.  Leather historians will tell you that Mr. Benson written by John Preston was written in response to the Story of O, and in the end there is a happy ending. It actually makes fascinating conversation to compare the two novels.  It is hard to believe that Preston was not trying to comment on the Story of O through his novel.

As we entered into a committed relationship the issue of what it really means came up.  The Marketplace Series by Laura Antoniou gave us a vision, which we new was impossible but tempting.  We started to go to MAsT meetings, and through other couples found that life is more complex than fiction.  The non-fiction Slavecraft by Guy Baldwin gave us real world examples about how people work out their problems.

Next came discussions of our spirituality and what our lifestyle meant.  A MAsT workship with Raven Kaldera filled us with optimism.  His book Dark Moon Rising showed us that spiritual is always available if we are true to our inner selves.