Welcome to the website of Lance Hermes!

Lance Hermes is a Master from Ottawa, Canada.  He is moving towards making his lifestyle 24/7. Part of that process is finding ways we can setup a home-based businesses and move out to live in the country. He doesn’t expect to get rich, but it is also obvious that little niches exist in the rapidly growing field of kink. He will also continue to work in his respective professional area as consultant but hopes that kink related business will become the main part of his life.

As you browse this site, you will find a page for each kink related service that we offer.  In general the bulk of what we offer comes from the support for web related services.  Too many people in the kink world are paying too much for their web related services and we intend to provide an alternative.  We will also be volunteering our services to a limited extent.  And you can count on us to respect your need for privacy.

If you wish to contact us, please use the Contact us page.  On a more personal level, he can be found on Fetlife as Lance Hermes.  You can click on the G+ button as well. He is well known in the Ottawa scene and attends some international events such as Fusion – Dark Odyssey, FetFest and Shibaricon.

This site is under construction and we will be adding more information in the future.